Copenhagen and AirBNB

In April 2018 me and my best friend Georgie went to Copenhagen. We bagged relatively cheap flights with Norwegian then started looking for accommodation. Scrolling through AirBnb and found the weirdest apartment I had ever seen in my life. I sent Georgie the screenshot and she reluctantly agreed to letting us book the apartment, I’m fairly certain that I won’t be allowed to choose any of our future trips and you’ll understand why…

This is actually quite cute not gonna lie!

Honestly I feel like these images don’t even do it justice, there was just stuff EVERYWHERE. One thing that really freaked us out was the fact before we had even left the UK the host messaged us some strict rules to follow upon our arrival. We had to make sure we did not pull our suitcases through the apartment building, we had to carry them to ensure we didn’t make any noise.. this freaked us out before had even left! It made me feel like we were arriving somewhere we weren’t allowed to be. The fact I knew the apartment looked so odd probably didn’t help this feeling of unease. When we arrived at the apartment, after following our strict suitcase instructions, waiting for the guy to open the door he was playing loud classical music which made me feel like I was waiting to meet Hannibal. When meeting the host (I’m a terrible person I can’t remember his name) he gave us a quick tour of the apartment which we found out this was his actual HOME and he would be staying with a friend for the duration of our stay, this made me feel super awkward and bad for the guy! He told us he was an artist and the below piece was something he created, it’s not my type of thing but each to their own I guess


When showing us the toilet he pointed to a large shell he had placed on a shelf which contained sage with a feather next to it. He explained to us after we had been to the bathroom we should light the sage and waft it with the feather in the bathroom, fair enough?! I do feel super bad writing about the apartment as he seemed lovely but the place had the creepiest vibes and the toilet advice was just odd. Maybe it felt creepy because when sitting on the sofa in the evening watching Netflix it felt like you were being watched! For all of its faults the apartment was in a great location and like I said the host was really lovely although he looked like Ru Paul but with face tattoos.

We were within walking distance of Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace and Nyhavn which was great, everywhere we wanted to visit was within walking distance so personally I can’t really fault the apartment, Georgie might have a different opinion! Saying that I don’t think I would use Airbnb again just because I always felt slightly on edge knowing that the owner could access the apartment at any time, the feeling of “I could be murdered at any point” didn’t really help me get a good nights sleep! I quite like the anonymity of hotel stays, you can come and go as you please without anyone really acknowledging you leaving, that sounds slightly depressing when I think about it..

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