Lakeside in Romania

In August 2018 I went on one of my favourite holidays, a lakeside stay in Romania. We flew into Cluj Napoca and drove down to Bistrita to our lodge which sat on Lac Colibita. We spent 2 weeks in the sun, dipping in and out of the lake and just look that view!

Despite how pretty the view was we didn’t spend the whole time by the lake. We visited Salina Turda salt mine and went to Baile Figa water park. The salt mine was quite interesting, it took forever to walk down all of the steps to get into the mine. Once we made it to the bottom there was a small fun fair and activities like golf. It was quite cute but I’m not sure if it was worth the journey and the length of time it took to get into the mine. My calves were killing going back up all of those steps to see the light of day again!

The water park was my favourite trip we went on whilst in Romania and I would highly recommend it. Nestled in the hills Balla Figa doubles as an outdoor spa with a mud pool, salt water pool and a number of hot and cold pools to choose from. The water park had a good mix of activities for families and adults so if you’re travelling with children there’ll be plenty for all to do. This is the lazy river, a staple of any good water park :’)

I’m really hoping more people start visiting Romania as it is such a beautiful country and there is so much more to it than Bucharest!

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