Guide to booking holidays through Wowcher and Groupon

I’ve used Wowcher a number of times now when booking cheap city breaks and personally I can’t really fault it. As mentioned in my Budapest post the key to booking holidays through sites like Wowcher and Groupon is having low expectations. Here are some of my top tips if you’re thinking of booking a holiday with them:

  1. The first and most important point is flexibility. In order to get the best deal you will need to be flexible on the dates or even month that you are looking at going away. The deal will present you with the cheapest price you can get but remember this is never going to be for a popular time of year i.e. half terms. Also, if you’re able to be flexible with leave at work then you’re good to go. If you are unable to be flexible with the dates you have chosen, I would suggest booking a trip through these sites probably aren’t the best option for you.
  2. Low expectations. As I mentioned in this post low expectations are really important when booking cheap deals. You can’t expect to get a 2 week all inclusive deal for buttons. Although, I have seen some amazing deals for all inclusive holidays the point made above will assist or hinder you in grabbing that amazing deal. Most of the hotels booked via these deals are going to be 3 star at the most but I haven’t had any issues with any of the hotels I have stayed.
  3. Be prepared to fly with Ryan Air! If you’re going for 2-3 nights you can easily fit everything you need into hand luggage but if you like to pack on the heavier side be prepared to pay extra for luggage. When travelling to Tallinn I managed to fit everything I needed into my trusty Fjall Raven backpack which saved a fortune on those extra fees Ryan Air like to bombard you with. If you’re travelling with someone else you’ll have to pay to sit together, yep I’m not lying! If you’re thinking of visiting Tallinn in the near future you can read about it here, this is just one trip I booked through Wowcher.
  4. Don’t be surprised if you’re flying from Stansted Aiport. There doesn’t seem to be a great selection of UK wide flights so if you’re based in the north or Scotland you may not be able to get the super cheap deals they are advertising.
  5. Once you’ve found the trip you’d like to book and made the purchase, more times than not you will be contacting by the tourist operator who the trip is actually booked with. This is their chance to get more money out of you by offering extra days or better flights from more accessible airports but stick to your guns. When booking BUDAPEST I was offered earlier flights to give me an extra day for £50 I declined and after a ‘”quick conversation with my manager” they were able to give me the earlier flights for a £10 admin fee, sneaky.

Happy holiday hunting!

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