At the start of 2019 me and one of my faves Marnie went to Budapest for 3 days. Some would say this was a ridiculous idea, Hungary in the middle of January, but we loved it. Much like Tallinn this was a cheap Ryan Air, Stansted Airport deal. 2 nights, with early and late flights giving us an extra day in Budapest…£80! This was booked through Wowcher, the first time I had actually booked one of their deals I didn’t have high hopes but I would say it’s definitely worth it. One thing to keep in mind when booking deals like this via Wowcher or Groupon is to have low expectations, you’re paying £80 for a trip, you’re not going to get a 5 star hotel and first class flights! If that’s how you choose to travel I strongly recommend not booking a trip through Wowcher or Groupon. We stayed in the Golden Park Hotel, a 3 star hotel which included a continental breakfast (LOVE A CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST!!). The hotel was nice and clean, fairly central location, perfect for 3 days of sightseeing. Personally I don’t think you need to pay out big bucks for a hotel on a city break as you’re out sightseeing most of the day, all you need is a comfy bed and clean room to get ready in before heading back out again. Breakfast is a bonus!

There were three things I loved about Budapest; Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament Building and Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Buda Castle sits on Castle Hill looking down on the tourist area. If you’re lazy like me instead of walking uphill to the castle you can get the Funicular which takes you directly to the Royal Palace. The cost for an adult is HUF 1,200 one way and a return is HUF 1,800.

This is the view on the way down from the castle and Royal Palace if you take the Funicular, it’s worth leaving the hill when it’s dark as personally I think Budapest is at its best of a night time.

After leaving the Royal Palace and Castle Hill I would highly recommend going on a boat tour, seeing the Hungarian Parliament Building reflecting in the Danube at night is beautiful and not to be missed.

You can’t visit Budapest without going to one of their thermal spas. We visited the Széchenyi Thermal Bath situated in City Park. If you’re travelling by public transport you can take the trolleybus routes 72 and also the millennium underground train. Prices start from around HUF 5200 but you can swap and change your add ons dependant on whether you want a cabin and a locker or not, highly recommend having a cabin because otherwise where are you going to keep your belongings?! Also I didn’t fancy getting naked in front of everyone in the changing rooms, a cabin gives you privacy. Full prices can be found here. We spent our last day here moving from steam room to sauna back into the pool for a swim and then repeat. It was a nice relaxing end to a busy city break.

Staying on theme, here are the key places to visit for those lazy readers!

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